Upgrade Your Opening

Now is a great time to upgrade your opening!

Commercial buildings of all kinds may vary in their size, use and design, but all are heavily influenced by three major trends today:

  • Adherence to the latest building code requirements, regardless of age, is more strictly enforced.
  • Management of facilities is growing more complex due to increasing number and sophistication of building systems and materials, along with the variety of users and the multiple security levels each requires.
  • Users’ expectations have risen, driving demand for safe and easier access to spaces (in and outside of buildings), coupled with more aggressive security measures. And on the heels of a pandemic, reduction of germ transmission is a high expectation on nearly every occupant’s list.

Take a look at the products below and see what works best as an upgrade to your facility!

Mortise Lock with Push/Pull Paddle Trim

The push/pull paddle trim enables entry when your hands are full with books and supplies. Open/close a door with your forearm or hip, offering a hands-free, aesthetically pleasing alternative to products with a standard trim.

Tubular Lock with Paddle Trim

The push of a hip or pull of the forearm sets the door in motion without the need to be touched by hands, greatly reducing germ transmission. Plus it’s unique design minimizes the possibility of catching clothing, cords or other objects moving through the doorway.

Visual Status Indicators

The simple addition of indicator trim to your mortise lock offers a quick confirmation of the room’s occupancy status. It’s unique features allow for fast visual confirmation of the lock’s status from far distances and side angles, even when lights are off.

Low Profile, Integrated Trim

This lock’s low profile features a unique, integrated lever and escutcheon design. It eliminates catch points from clothing or equipment that can injure individuals or cause product damage, typical on traditional lever trim.

Electronic Access Control

Ideal for mixed credential environments, the SN Series enables easy migration to higher security credentials and mobile access. Available with either keypad or non-keypad reader, it offers the convenience of using card or PIN for authentication or for added security, card plus PIN for dual Outside Exit Device Trim factor authentication.

Maximum Strength Cylindrical Lock

High-traffic spaces require products manufactured of the highest quality to provide durability, strength, and reliability.

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