Corbin Russwin Products Finish Codes

Many Corbin Russwin products are available in a wide variety of finishes, helping you get a stylish and customized look for your space.

Base Metal




Brass Polished Clear Coated US3 605 605
Brass Satin Clear Coated US4 606 606
Brass Satin Oxidized Relieved US5 609  
Bronze* Polished Clear Coated US9 611 611
Bronze* Satin Clear Coated US10 612 612
Bronze* Satin Oxidized Oil Rubbed US10B 613 613
  Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent US10BE 613E 61e
Bronze* Satin Oxidized Clear Coated US10BL 614 613
  Polished Nickel Plated, Clear Coated US14 618 618
Brass Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated US15 619 619
Brass Flat Black Powder Coated US19 622  
Brass Polished Chrome Plated US26 625 625
Brass Satin Chrome Plated US26D 626 626
Stainless Steel Polished US32 629 629
Stainless Steel Satin US32D 630
Aluminum Silver Coated SBL 689  
Bronze Dark Coated DBL 690  
Bronze Light Coated LBL 691  
  Black Coated FBL 693  
Brass Satin Coated GBL 696  
Bronze* Satin Black Oxidized Oil Rubbed US10A 722 722
Black Suede Black Suede Powder Coat BSP -
White Suede White Suede Powder Coat WSP -

Special Finishes (see description below): 

Base Metal


Corbin Russwin Code

Stainless Steel Polished 316 Alloy 618
Stainless Steel Satin 316 Alloy 619
Stainless Steel Polished MicroShield Coated 626C
Stainless Steel Satin MicroShield Coated 630C

626 and 630 (MicroShield®): As part of its promise to provide innovative solutions to their customers, ASSA ABLOY Group companies offer the MicroShield® technology, a silver-based antimicrobial coating designed to inhibit the spread of germs and bacteria.

618 and 619 are made from alloy 316 stainless steel containing molybdenum and extra nickel giving it substantially higher corrosion resistance than the standard stainless steels typically used in door hardware.This finish is ideal for use in coastal, urban, and industrial areas that have harsh environmental conditions.

613E Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze equivalent: This new finish provides the richness and warmth of the 613 "living" finish, but maintains its original color and appearance and will not fade or wear over time. The 613E finish is offered by Corbin Russwin, McKinney, Norton, Rixson, Rockwood, SARGENT and Yale, providing visual consistency between ASSA ABLOY Group brands.

* On most bronze finishes we will supply solid bronze material. Where solid bronze material is not available, we will use brass as a base material in its place.

** Available on select items as indicated by the finish icon throughout the catalog.

MicroShield® is a registered trademark of Yale Security Inc., an ASSA ABLOY Group company.

Check out the Finish Tips & Maintenance brochure here