Mortise Locksets

ML2000 Series
Mortise Locksets
Template # Template Data
T31184  M30 Option with Inspire™ Roseless Trim (J) 
T30607  M30 Option: Half Trim 
T30600  ML2000 Series Mortise Lockset 
T31183  ML2000 with Inspire™ Roseless Trim (J) 
T31192  ML2000 x HPSK (Push/Pull Paddle Trim) 
T30604  ML2000HS / ML2200HS Series High Security 
T31004  ML2200 Series 
T30605  MR Option: Master Ring 
T31234 ML20900 X BHSS
T31195 BLSS Anti-Harm Trim, Lever x Rose
T30989 Access 800 TCAC Mortise Lock - ML20800 Series
T31070 Access 600 RNE1 Mortise Lock - ML20600 Series
T31076 Access 700 TCPAC Mortise Lock - ML20700 Series
T31167 Access 700 TCPWI & TCPIP Mortise Lock - ML20700 Series
T31178 Access 800 TCWI Mortise Lock - ML20800 Series
T31202 IN100/IN120/IN220 Mortise Lock - ML20100 / ML20200 Series
T31213 SE LP10 Mortise Lock - ML20600 Series
T30600 ML2000 Series Mortise Lockset
T30604 ML2000HS/ML2200HS High Security 
T30605 ML2000 MR Option: Master Ring
T30607 M30 Option: Half Trim
T30946 NSV, CSV (ML2000VR Vandal Resistant Lever Trim)
T30970 ML20900 & ML20600 X NAC Series
T30970 ML20900 ECL Series - Devices Prior to Feb 2014
T31004 ML2200 Series
T31046 ML2000 x Museo Lever x Rose
T31183 ML2000 with Inspire Roseless Trim
T31184 M30 Option with Inspire Roseless Trim
T31192 ML2000 X HPSK 
T31231 ML20900 X BLSS
T31232 ML20900 X HSS
T31233 ML20900 X HSS
T31247 ML20900 MR Option: Master Ring
T31251 ML20900 & ML20600-NAC Series Inspire Roseless Trim
T31249 V Series Indicators used with Sectional Trim 
T31250 V Series Indicators used with VN1 Escutcheon Trim 

Mortise Locksets Full Working Trim
Template # Template Data
T30946  NSV, CSV (ML2000VR Vandal Resistant Lever Trim) 
T30453 BRM - RWM Mortise Lock Trim
T30454 BRP - RWP Mortise Lock Trim
T30455 BRN - RWN Mortise Lock Trim
T30545 BRC - GWE Mortise Lock Trim
T30546 GSA/GSF, ASA - ZSG Mortise Lock Trim
T30572 BRR - ZSL Mortise Lock Trim
T30573 SST (Trim for ML2000HS/ML2200HS Series)
T31047 ML2000 x Museo Lever x Escutcheon
T31172 HSS
T31183 ML2000 with Inspire Roseless Trim
T31196 BHSS Lever Trim


Mortise Locksets Half Working Trim & Half/Full Dummy Trim
Template # Template Data
T31046  ML2000 x Museo Lever x Rose - Ex. 101V, 123T, 103X, 104Y, 105X, 106W, 115V, 122U, 121T, 120Y, 119X, 120W, ...etc. 
T30547 GSA/GSF Trim
T30547 ASA - ZSG Trim
T30548 BRR - ZSL Trim
T30549 BRN-RWN Trim
T30551 BRP - RWP Trim
T30552 BRM - RWM Trim
T30553 BRC - GWE Trim
T31162 Museo Designer Lever x Rose
T30557 BRP - RWP (Half & Full Trim)
T30558 BRM - RWM (Half & Full)
T30559 BRN - RSN (Half & Full)
T30561 BRC - GWE Trim
T30562 GSA, GSF Trim
T30563 NSF - ESA (Half and Full Trim)
T30564 ASA - ZSG (Full Trim)
T30651 BRR - YWR (Full Trim)
T30652 ASR -ZSL (Half Trim)
T31163 ML2050 Half Dummy & ML2070 Full Dummy Museo Trim
T31186 ML2070 Full Dummy with Inspire Roseless Trim
T31187 ML2050 Half Dummy with Inspire Roseless Trim



Mortise Locksets - Accessories
Template # Template Data
T30555  Emergency Key Plate 
T31085  Occupancy Indicator 
T30606  SB Options: Open Back Strikes, 411L62 LHR, 411L63 RHR 
T30641  SR118 Option: Rabbeted Front and Strike 
T30554  Thumbturn Lever