New Ecoflex™ Electrified Lock Technology from ASSA ABLOY Offers 97 Percent Energy Savings

In a move that signals a breakthrough in energy efficiency, ASSA ABLOY today announced the introduction of its Ecoflex lock technology, available from ASSA ABLOY Group brands CORBIN RUSSWIN and SARGENT. Ecoflex electrified mortise locks offer a remarkable 97 percent reduction in energy usage compared to standard electrified locks.

“It’s critical to consider every factor that can impact the energy efficiency of a building or facility, and every opportunity to save energy should be pursued. Door openings in particular present a major opportunity to reduce energy consumption, and our new Ecoflex technology can significantly contribute to green building, sustainability, and favorable LEED ratings,” said Aaron Smith, Director of Sustainable Building Solutions, ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions.

The lock is ideal for electronic access control applications whether it’s used as a basic electrified lock in conjunction with a wall reader, in an integrated hardwired lock or in an integrated battery powered lock. Because it provides dramatically reduced energy consumption, drawing less than 1/4 watt at 12V, Ecoflex offers more flexibility to consolidate power supplies and reduce operating costs. In particular, Ecoflex can offer significant savings in fail-safe applications such as stairwell towers, where locks on every floor draw constant power.

With the lower power draw, the load on each power supply is lessened, reducing costs, simplifying deployment and improving system reliability. Ecoflex’s innovative actuator design further improves system reliability by eliminating the risk of voltage drops and inductive kickback, enabling longer cable runs and eliminating the need to add kickback diodes to an installation, for reduced cost and complexity.

Ecoflex offers a flexible, reliable solution with a single ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 mortise lock that can serve a variety of uses. One lock body can be used for 12V - 24V applications and can be easily field-configured for fail-safe or fail-secure operation.