Mortise Lock Status Indicators

Instant Reassurance 

With a unique and highly visible window design, Corbin Russwin's new status indicator options, available for the ML2000 Series mortise lock, provides clarity on the locked/unlocked status of a door. The patent-pending design allows users to easily and clearly see if a door is locked or unlocked; if a room is occupied or vacant. 

Available for use with a wide range of trim options and with a variety of functions, the new mortise lock status indicators are versatile for any application.

Highly Visible

  • Large viewing window provides safety and security at a glance and is highly visible from a distance
  • Patent-pending curved indicator plate design ensures that the viewing window can be seen at most angles
  • Reflective coating increases the visibility of the indicator in low-light conditions

Highly Customizable

  • Available with a thumb turn to simplify locking the door in stressful situations
  • Supports over 25 different mortise lock functions
  • Directional engraving provides guidance to lock/unlock the door
  • Multiple color, text, graphic and language combinations available

Easy to Install

  • Upgrade kits are available to retrofit existing ML2000 Series mortise locks

Use the Status Indicator Option Code Selector to Select the Configuration that Best Fits Your Needs

Use the Status Indicator Upgrade Kit Selector for Sectional Trim to identify the proper order string needed to upgrade an existing lock

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