Master Ring Key Systems

6-pin Master Ring keying systems offer keying capacity similar to 7-pin conventional cylinder systems. There is, however, far greater flexibility for asymmetrical keying systems, because change key combinations do not require any direct relationship to those of master keys. In conventional systems, combinations not needed under a given master key cannot be used elsewhere in the system. In master ring, they can. This frees thousands of combinations for use anywhere within a master ring system.

Since the master keys all have their own shear line, fewer master pins are used, increasing cylinder security. This security enhancement reduces the chances of cylinders being manipulated by stray keys. It also hinders surreptitious entry by picking and impressioning.

When planned from the inception of a keying system, conventional cylinders may be integrated into specific parts of a Master Ring system for areas where the required hardware does not accommodate the large Master Ring cylinders.

Corbin Russwin Master Ring cylinders are especially recommended for installations which require large and complicated keying systems, such as hospitals and universities.

Field Serviceability
Corbin Russwin Master Ring cylinders are fully field serviceable.

Key Control
Restricted and patented keyways are available. Patented keyways require a letter of authorization from the end user listing exact quantities for all orders of cylinders, keys or key blanks.

Construction Master Keying
When planned from the inception of a keying system, construction master keying is available.

The change key rotates the cylinder plug only. Master keys operate at the master ring, which is a sleeve around the plug.

Cylinder Marking
Visual Key Control (VKC) and Concealed Key Control (CKC) are available for Master Ring cylinders.


Available Finishes

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BHMA 605

Bright Brass

BHMA 606

Satin Brass

BHMA 611

Bright Bronze

BHMA 612

Satin Bronze

BHMA 613

Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed

613E Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Equivalent
BSP Black Suede Powder Coat

BHMA 618

Bright Nickel Plated

BHMA 619

Satin Nickel Plated

BHMA 625 

Bright Chromium Plated

BHMA 626

Satin Chromium Plated

BHMA 722 

Black Oxidized Bronze, Oil Rubbed

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