ED7000 Series

The ED7000 Series are available as Rim, Surface Vertical Rod, Mortise and Concealed Vertical Rod devices. They are designed for high-use, high-abuse applications on narrow and regular stile doors in new construction and renovations including:

  • Schools and universities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Office and retail space
  • Transportation and utilities
  • Hotels and conference centers
  • Religious facilities


  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI Grade 1 requirements
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Base metals (brass, bronze and stainless steel) for durability
  • Easy-to-use crossbar operation assures quick egress
  • Dogging standard on all panic listed devices
  • Through-bolted trims for strength and security
  • Wide range of trim styles and finishes to match other Corbin Russwin products
  • Devices available to satisfy panic and fire opening requirements


Available Finishes

Click on a swatch to view finish on hardware.

BHMA 605

Bright Brass

BHMA 606

Satin Brass

BHMA 611

Bright Bronze

BHMA 612

Satin Bronze

BHMA 613

Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed

613E Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Equivalent

BHMA 618

Bright Nickel Plated

BHMA 619

Satin Nickel Plated

BHMA 625 

Bright Chromium Plated

BHMA 626

Satin Chromium Plated


Satin Chromium Plated with MicroShield®

BHMA 629 Bright Stainless Steel
BHMA 630 Satin Stainless Steel
630C Satin Stainless Steel with MicroShield®

BHMA 722 

Black Oxidized Bronze, Oil Rubbed


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