DC62900 Series

Corbin Russwin Electric Track Closer-Holders combine the functions of a single-point electromechanical door holder with the DC6200 door closer. The track assembly contains an arm slide and solenoid-operated hold open mechanism and is available with or without an integral smoke detector. The closer is mounted on the door. The track is mounted to the frame face for pull side installations or the frame soffit for push side installations.

The track is an aluminum extrusion which incorporates a solenoid-actuated cam that locks the arm slide in the track at a selected point. The degree of door hold open is selected by adjustment of the telescoping arm. When there is power to the unit, the door will hold open at the selected hold open point. Any power interruption will release the arm slide and the door will close. The door can be released manually at any time.

Corbin Russwin electric track Closer-Holders are available in two basic functions for controlling fire/smoke doors.

Primary Unit

This unit is comprised of an integral smoke detector, a solenoid hold open mechanism in the slide track and a door closer. The Primary Unit can be used to control a single door or a pair of doors in conjunction with a Support Unit.

Support Unit

This unit is comprised of a solenoid hold open mechanism in the slide track and a door closer. These units can be installed on a single door or a pair of doors when controlled by compatible U.L. listed detection equipment such as area ceiling detectors, pull stations, and remote alarm panels. They can also be used in conjunction with a Primary Unit on a pair of doors when the Primary Unit smoke detector signals conditions (standby, trouble/alarm) to an alarm system’s panel. The alarm panel controls the hold open function of both the Support Unit and the Primary Unit.



Available Finishes

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BHMA 689

Silver Aluminum

BHMA 690

Dark Bronze

BHMA 691

Light Bronze

BHMA 693


BHMA 696

Satin Brass


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