CL3500 Series

A heavy-duty lever lockset, ideal for commercial, institutional and multifamily applications such as:

  • Interior offices
  • Apartment complexes
  • Convalescent and elderly care facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail centers


  • Non-handed
  • Solid cast levers
  • Independent return springs to prevent lever sag
  • Through-bolted cylindrical chassis prevents rotation and ensures proper alignment
  • Designed to meet ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 
  • Trim and keying compatible with other Corbin Russwin locksets

Available Finishes

Click on a swatch to view finish on hardware.

BHMA 605

Bright Brass

BHMA 606

Satin Brass

BHMA 611

Bright Bronze

BHMA 612

Satin Bronze

BHMA 613

Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed

613E Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Equivalent
BSP Black Suede Powder Coat
WSP White Suede Powder Coat

BHMA 618

Bright Nickel Plated

BHMA 619

Satin Nickel Plated

BHMA 625 

Bright Chromium Plated

BHMA 626

Satin Chromium Plated


Satin Chromium Plated with MicroShield®

BHMA 722 

Black Oxidized Bronze, Oil Rubbed


Standard Trim




Series/Function Type ANSI No. Function Description
CL3510 Passage or Closet F75
  • Latchbolt by lever either side
  • Both levers always free
CL3520 Privacy Bedroom or Bathroom F76A
  • Throw-off latchbolt by lever either side
  • Outside lever locked by push button
  • Outside lever unlocked by emergency release tool outside, by rotating lever or by closing door
  • Inside lever always free
CL3551 Entrance or Office F109
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by lever either side except when turn button locks outside lever. Pushing turn button locks outside lever, required use of key outside to unlock
  • Turning inside lever unlocks outside lever (when button is pushed in but not turned)
  • Pushing in and turning button locks outside lever, requiring key at all times. Turning inside lever does not unlock outside lever until button is manually turned to unlocked position
  • Inside lever always free
CL3555 Classroom F84
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by lever either side except when key outside locks outside lever
  • Outside lever unlocked by key outside
  • Inside lever always free
CL3357 Storeroom or Closet F86
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever
  • Outside lever always rigid
  • Inside lever always free
CL3561 Entrance or Office F82A
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by lever either side, except when push button locks outside lever
  • Push button released by turning inside lever or by key in outside lever
  • Closing door does not release push button
  • Inside lever always free
CL3580 Passage Lever x Blank Plate F111
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by lever
  • Lever on one side; blank plate on other side
  • Lever always free
  • For single or double communicating doors
CL3581 Keyed Lever x Blank Plate F113
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by lever, except when lever is locked by key
  • Lever on one side, blank plate on other side
CL3582 Store Door F91
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by lever either side, except when key either side locks both levers
  • Keyed alike unless otherwise specified
CL3550 Half Dummy Trim ---
  • Lever acts as pull only; no operation
CL3570 Full Dummy Trim ---
  • Levers act as pulls only; no operation

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