CK4400 Series

An outstanding combination of value and performance. Ideal for quality residential and light commercial buildings, such as:

  • Fine homes
  • Apartments
  • Motels
  • Offices


  • Wide array of functions
  • Precision manufactured mechanisms, zinc dichromated for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel latchbolt for long life
  • Adjustable latchbolts accommodates flat and beveled doors
  • Stainless steel trim available

CK4400 Series Catalog

Product installation instructions and templates are located in the Library.


Available Finishes

Click on a swatch to view finish on hardware.

BHMA 605

Bright Brass

BHMA 613

Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed

BHMA 630 Satin Stainless Steel


Series/Function Type ANSI No. Function Description
CK4410 Passage or Closet F75
  • Latchbolt knob either side
  • Both knobs always free
CK4430 Privacy, Bedroom or Bathroom F76A
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by knob either side
  • Outside knob locked by push button
  • Outside knob unlocked by turning slotted button outside by rotating inside knob, or by closing door
  • Inside knob always free
CK4451 Entrance or Office F109
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by knob either side, except when turn button locks outside knob.
  • Pushing turn button in locks outside knob, requiring use or key outside to unlock
  • Turning inside knob unlocks outside knob
  • Pushing in and turning button locks outside knob, requiring key at all times. Turning inside knob does not unlock outside knob until button is manually turned to unlocked position
  • Inside knob is always free
CK4455 Classroom F84
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by knob either side except when key outside locks outside knob
  • Outside knob unlocked by key outside
  • Inside knob always free
CK4457 Storeroom or Closet F86
  • Deadlocking latchbolt by key in outside knob, or by rotating inside knob
  • Outside knob always rigid
  • Inside knob always free
CK4450 Half Dummy Trim ---
  • Knob acts as pull only; no operation
  • Knob is rigid

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