FE6600 Series

The FE6600 Series helps secure community shelters and safe rooms by withstanding tornado wind speeds and flying debris. Available in multiple function and trim combinations, the FE6600 Series offers the flexibility needed to accommodate a full range of door opening solutions including electronic access control with the reliability and durability needed for extreme conditions. Its unique center caseadjustability feature simplifies installation and device adjustment.


Typical Applications

• Community shelters and saferooms

• Corporate and educationalfacilities

• Healthcare and governmentcampuses

• 911 call stations, emergencyoperation centers, and fire/rescue/ambulance and police stations



• Utilizes unique mortise lock, heavy-duty steel components,and four latching points

• Indicator option provides visual confirmation of security

• Vertical latch dogging feature available for easier dailyuse; top and bottom rods are adjustable from the center case while thedoor is hung

• Multiple functions available including classroom, electrified andaccess control applications

• Reversible strikes make installation easier andaccommodate variability in opening and floor conditions

• Sectional trim with wide variety of decorativelevers, rose and trim combinations


Available Finishes

Click on a swatch to view finish on hardware.

BHMA 605

Bright Brass

BHMA 606

Satin Brass

BHMA 611

Bright Bronze

BHMA 612

Satin Bronze

BHMA 613

Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed


Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze Equivalent

BHMA 618

Bright Nickel Plated

BHMA 619

Satin Nickel Plated

BHMA 625 

Bright Chromium Plated

BHMA 626

Satin Chromium Plated


Satin Chromium Plated with MicroShield®

BHMA 629 Bright Stainless Steel
BHMA 630 Satin Stainless Steel
630C Satin Stainless Steel with MicroShield®
BHMA 722 
Black Oxidized Bronze, Oil Rubbed

Available Trim Selection